Appellate Law

Understanding the Appellate Procedure

shutterstock_8898151An appeal is not merely the next step in the case.  Sophisticated clients and experienced trial lawyers recognize what a difference a good appellate counsel can make.  This is because appellate law requires an entirely different set of skills than trial practice.  Appellate practitioners must know their audience – appellate judges and law clerks – and make briefs and legal arguments finely attuned with that audience in mind.  Cross Prescott APC delivers “Big Firm” talent at a fraction of the cost.  Efficiency, top-quality legal training, and excellent writing experience make our team a particularly good fit for your appellate needs.


Our Appellate Law Experience

At Cross Prescott APC, we have substantial experience with appellate matters in state and federal courts, including arguing before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit.  Our appellate experience includes drafting numerous appellate briefs, writ petitions, petitions for review, and amicus briefs; reviewing the trial record; strategizing regarding issues to be raised on appeal and writ; and arguing appeals.

shutterstock_78346864Services We Provide

We handle many different types of appellate matters.  We can oversee the appellate process for your case or assist with discrete tasks such as brief-writing or research.  We can help you prepare writs, amicus briefs, appellate briefs, and motions.  We can either handle your appeal independently or work with your current trial team – to help protect your rights on appeal even before the need for appeal arises.

Whether you are looking to safeguard your hard-won trial victory or seeking to reverse or modify an adverse trial court judgment, we can help.  We will take a fresh look at your case and give you a realistic assessment of your chances on appeal, quote you a flat-fee alternative in addition to affordable hourly rates, and ultimately provide you with high-quality appellate representation that best fits your needs.


Representative Appellate Experience*


  • Appellate counsel for the defendant in a personal injury and negligence case alleging negligent maintenance and operation of the aircraft.  (Natalie Prescott).
  • Appellate counsel of record for the defense on multiple writ petitions and petitions for review at various stages in a case in a complex 9-month trial alleging claims under California’s Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law, Consumers Legal Remedies Act, and provisions of the Health and Safety Code.  (Natalie Prescott).
  • Appellate counsel for the plaintiff in a lawsuit alleging animal cruelty and civil rights violations.  (Natalie Prescott).
  • Appellate counsel for the defendant in a copyright infringement matter.  (Natalie Prescott).
  • Appellate counsel for the plaintiff in a bad-faith insurance case alleging wrongful denial of coverage.  (Natalie Prescott).
  • Appellate counsel of record for the petitioners in numerous pro bono immigration matters, which included extensive briefing, motions, and oral arguments before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  (Natalie Prescott and Oleg Cross).
  • Appellate counsel of record for the defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit against a large entertainment company and an Academy-Award winning director.  (Natalie Prescott).

*Selected cases in which Ms. Prescott and Mr. Cross played key roles, and which were all litigated before founding Cross Prescott APC

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