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At Cross Prescott APC, we pride ourselves in paying generous referral fees to our colleagues in every referred case upon successful resolution. If you are interested in partnering with us or referring a client, please contact us directly. 



Class actions can be costly, and companies facing them need exceptional representation by well-trained, practically minded lawyers. Our firm has significant experience with defending and prosecuting securities, corporate governance, product liability, consumer, employment, and other class actions. Before founding Cross Prescott APC, our attorneys spent years representing Fortune 500 companies in multi-million-dollar class-action lawsuits at world's largest law firms. Read more →


Insurance companies are required to defend policyholders against lawsuits. Typically, they must pay for the insured's defense, litigation, and medical costs when a duty to defend arises. Unfortunately, insurers often wrongfully deny coverage to increase their own profitability. When this happens, our firm steps in to help the policyholders. We have handled million-dollar matters for many Fortune 500 companies, and we know how insurance companies think and operate. Read more →


Are you facing a breach of contract claim or trying to resolve a business dispute? Are you personally named as a defendant in a lawsuit? Or does your company need to pursue a fraud case or defend itself in a class action? Allegations involving brokers, insurers, employers, and partnerships are just some examples of civil litigation cases we handle. Cross Prescott APC is a boutique litigation firm, which provides high-quality representation at affordable rates. Read more →


Both California and federal law provide extensive protection to whistleblowers, including the ability to report fraud or misconduct anonymously. Depending on the nature of whistleblowing and retaliation, an individual may be entitled to compensation or reward under various state and federal programs. We are well-equipped to represent employees or officers of both private and publicly traded companies who report wrongful conduct and face retaliation in response. Read more →


There are many advantages to litigating in federal courts. Unfortunately, not all attorneys have the required expertise and skills to do so. This is because federal courts have very specific rules and filing requirements. Failure to follow these rules may greatly prejudice the client, which is why it is critical to hire attorneys well-versed in federal practice. Cross Prescott APC has a great deal of experience in federal courts across California and around the country. Read more →


An appeal is not merely the next step in the case. Appellate law requires an entirely different set of skills. Appellate practitioners must know their audience – appellate judges and clerks – and make briefs and arguments finely attuned with that audience in mind. Cross Prescott APC delivers Big-Firm talent at a fraction of the cost. Efficiency, top-notch training, and excellent writing experience make our team a particularly good fit for your appellate needs. Read more →

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